“Overhaul Station Art. Bologoe ”

in a large scale project of JSC “Russian Railways” on a high-speed passenger traffic on the route Moscow — St. Petersburg and the 160th anniversary of the station by the company “Transbaltstroy” was repaired the station building. (more)

Under repair was performed:

  • capitally renovated facade Replaced
  • utilities
  • Mounted original illumination of a building
  • Replaced roof
  • installed a new water drainage system with the effect “intiled” Reconstructed
  • speakerphone


“Construction of the backup data center in Yekaterinburg”

At an expanded meeting of the Board of JSC “Russian Railways” in December 2007, it was decided to create a system backup data center (RTSOD) in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, in order to ensure reliable and continuous operation, engineering and computing systems Russian railways.

secondary data center in Yekaterinburg will be a building with a total area of ​​18,762 square meters. m with underground technical floor and the two buildings blocks of engineering systems. On the sixth floor of the building will create three two-level machine room, around which will house administrative and technological facilities, a dining room and a conference room.

works at the facility began in 2011.

For 2011 LLC “Transbaltstroy” on this subject by the work on zero cycle and the beginning of the construction of monolithic frame building.



“Reconstruction Station Art. Demyankov ”

As part of the investment program of OAO “Russian Railways” for the construction of the second track on the Tobolsk — Surgut Sverdlovsk line Ltd. “Transbaltstroy” performs work on the object “Reconstruction of the station by station. Demyankov”.



Other objects