About company

Transbaltstroy LLC mainly specializes in construction, reconstruction, technical re-equipment and turn-key total overhaul of industrial, civilian and special-purpose units, as well as installation and implementation of said units with utility networks required for production and safety of vital activities. The main customer is RZDstroy LLC, a subsidiary of RZD OJSC and a primary contractor in construction, reconstruction and capital overhaul of RZD OJSC infrastructural assets.

The Transbaltroy LLC headquarters are located in Saint Petersburg, where the company is in possession of a sufficient number of production areas, as well as office and warehouse premises.

In 2010 Transbaltstroy LLC successfully qualified for performing construction, reconstruction and total overhaul works at RZDstroy OJSC sites (Oktyabrskaya, Sverdlovskaya and Yuzhno-Uralskaya railroads) as a subcontractor.

In 2011 Transbaltstroy LLC opened a permanent branch in  Yekaterinburg at Sverdlovskaya and Yuzhno-Uralskaya railroad sites.

The company's mobility enables it to start building at any location within the country very quickly. The transport means for delivery of personnel, equipment, as well as autonomous power sources and compressed air supplies enable the company to work away from utility networks, completely autonomously.

Transbaltstroy LLC is a member of the Multi-Region Association of Railroad Construction Enterprises non-profit self-regulating organization (certificate №110780567-03 dated 08.02.2012) and has a certificate of quality management systems based on the ISO international standards, 9001-2008 series; the company constantly cares about the high qualification level of its employees.